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Hi, my name is Lynne. I have been a registered beekeeper since 2006, a newcomer to the industry and always learning.

I became a member of the “J” Beekeeping Club in Diggers Rest, being involved with the bee club provided a great detail of knowledge, experience and insight into bees, which beekeepers are always willing to share. If you are interested in attending the bee club check out the web site

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Lynne checking hive 1 Mar 2011
Brood frame sunshine hive

I have always been fascinated by bees and having a small veggie garden, thought that it would be great to get a bee hive to help with pollination and maybe as an added bonus produce my own honey.

After moving to Bullengarook and creating a small orchard along with the veggie patch, I took the plunge and decided it was time to learn about bees and invest in a bee hive.

From my humble beginnings and one bee hive, I became a beekeeper. Over the years the numbers of hives have grown and continue to grow each year. As a small scale beekeeper my honey is now sourced within a 100km radius of the Macedon Ranges Shire, is cold extracted, unprocessed, and unblended.

I produce a variety of different honeys which includes: Yellow Box, Red Gum, Black Forest (Messmate), Native Flora, Bullengarook and  Gisborne, I also make a variety of beeswax candles and as everybody knows beeswax candles are the best candles to burn, they emit negative ions that purify the air and invigorate the body, no other candle does that.

I hope you enjoy the delicious honey and the beautiful aroma from the beeswax candles as much as I do.