Spring Time

Posted September 11, 2014

bee at entrance

Welcome to Spring……

This is the busy time of the year for me, the bee are coming out of hibernation, collecting pollen and nectar on these beautiful warm sunny days.

Monday I decided to check my hives at Bendigo and see how the bees survived the winter.  All looking fantastic, they do really well up there, even though it still gets really cold at night, there are lots of Yellow Gum and Iron Bark eucalypts trees at that apiary site, which keeps them fit and healthy over winter and gives them a great start into spring.

hives 3

I have placed honey supers on majority of the hives and even removed an ideal from one that was bursting at the seams with honey, so I ended up extracting and jarring honey. on Tuesday.
Yellow Gum is a beautiful clear honey.

I have decided this year not to use queen excluders on my hives this will make it a more natural environment for the bees. What is that old saying? A happy home is a healthy home… hopefully this is the same for the bees.

I have moved some hives to an apiary site in Gisborne, hopefully it won’t be to long until I am extracting some Gisborne honey. When the weather gets a little bit warmer, as we have had a few cold days this week, I will check my hives at Baynton, they should be doing great on the Tree Lucence  that is flowering at the moment..

Will keep you posted on how they are going.

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