Honeyed Wooden Freshener Balls

Posted August 19, 2014

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Honeyed Wooden Freshener Balls

Wooden balls scented with honey provide instant fragrance. Place them in wardrobes or drawers. The scent will last for several weeks and can be easily revitalised.

• ½ cup honey
• 10 drops vanilla extract
• 4 drops almond extract
• 1 resealable plastic bag
• 10 natural wooden balls

In a bowl, gently mix the honey with the vanilla and almond extract and then transfer the mixture into the plastic bag.

Add the wooden balls to the bag, seal and shake well, making sure all the balls are coated with the mixture, then leave for about 1 hour to marinate.

Remove the wooden balls from the bag. Using paper towel, wipe away the excess honey/beeswax mixture and transfer to a polishing cloth.

Polish the balls well before use. Once polished the balls are ready for use.

To revitalise the wooden balls when the scent starts to fade, simply repeat the process. This can be done again and again as required…..


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