Square Braided Wicks

Posted July 22, 2014

beeswax candles resize

Beeswax candles and square braided wicks…

You may be asking, why am I thinking about changing the wicks in my beeswax candles?

We currently use flat braided wicks, which are made from 3 strands of cotton that are braided together to give you a flat wick. Square braided wicks are made from 4 strands that are braided together to give you a square braided wick, which is more like a straw and is hollow in the middle, this allows for the wax to be sucked up much easier, which ultimately will provide a better burning candle.

As beeswax has the highest melting point of all waxes and is much thicker and stickier, a square braided wick will work much better than a flat one.  Checkout the beeswax candles page for more information on beeswax.

All candles will be tested before making the switch to square braided wicks, so far testing has been completed on the Small Tea Lights and the Hand Rolled Dinner Candles.

Testing will continue over the next couple of months on all my other candles so stay tuned for some updates on the progress.

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